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Tariffing and billing software

Software description

This software for tariffing and billing was aimed at several types of telephone central stations available on the local market, including Hicom 300 Communication Server. The software can be used in smaller hotels or motels, that offer telephony services to their guests. The software is very simple to use, and can easily be configured for other types of telephone stations, as well.

The software communicates with the telephone station through the serial port of the PC on which the software is installed. The communication protocol is defined in one configuration file, which makes easier the replacement of the telephone station with other similar model later if needed.

The software can be used in Operator or Administrator mode. Only the Administrator is authorized to change the general configuration parameters of the system, and can predefine the tariffs needed for billing, while the Operator can only perform data entry and report generation. There are several kinds of reports, customized for billing in small hotels.

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