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Software for trading companies


The main objective was to develop a software application for trading companies with full document management capabilities. The software was developed strictly in compliance with the legal procedures related to trade in the Republic of Macedonia. These legal procedures clearly define the types of legal documents and their flow during the import and export process. The application is primarily targeted towards companies whose main business is import/export of goods and who handle hundreds of cases per year for their clients.

Software modules

With a centralized database system and a multi-user environment, the software creates a flexible virtual working place, like a paperless office, where the documents can be collected for each case separately. The users can work in the network independently and can create new documents or modify existing ones. Each of the documents that are created during the procedures, has its own predefined type. There are also other general types of documents, such as text documents, faxes, etc. The documents are grouped around cases, and the navigation and search system is very quick and flexible, so the user always knows to which case one document belongs.

The software consists of modules in several groups. The main groups are: modules for the import procedures, modules for the export procedures and general modules for document management. We could also describe the software application as a document management system, firmly customized for trading companies.

The basic import/export procedures that are encapsulated in the system are presented below:

The software has a powerful reporting and form filling system. All the forms that are legally required can be filled directly in the software and printed out. These include the forms that are requested by banks, by the customs, etc.

Several general modules are also included in the package, like for example an integrated fax system with networking capabilities, text processor with indexing, imaging module with scanning capabilities, etc. The fax server can be configured to automatically receive the faxes while later the user can associate the received faxes with the corresponding cases by moving them to the appropriate document folders. The concept upon which the fax server and client were build, is presented below.

The fax component in the application has all the standard functions for applications of this kind. There is an option for thumbnail preview of faxes or scanned documents, there is a zooming in/out tool, there are even tools embedded for editing the document as a bitmap picture.

At the end, here is a snapshot of the database model for this application:

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