How to install the HDT47x2 printer driver on Windows 2000 platform


1. Download the Windows NT 4.0 version of the driver and unzip to a temporary folder.

2. Don't use the Install.exe to install the driver on Windows 2000. Instead, go to the Printers folder and start installation of a new printer. When asked for a printer model, click on Have Disk...

3. When asked to select a port to which the printer should be connected, select any port. This is not important at this phase of the installation.

4. Go to the folder where you have unzipped the HDT47x2 printer driver installation files and select OEMSETUP.INF file. Click OK and you will be prompted to select the printer model. You can't miss it, it is only one. So, select it and continue.

5. Click OK, and continue. When a question whether to print a test page appears, answer no.

6. When the installation completes, select HDT 47x2 Printer DEMO from the Printers folder and select it's properties.

7. Select the Ports tab and then click on the Add Port button.

8. In the Printer Ports dialog box select New Port Type.

9. Browse and locate the MONITOR.INF file from the folder where you have HDT47x2 printer driver installation files.

10. After selecting it click on New Port in the Printer Ports dialog box. With this, the port monitor for the HDT47x2 printer driver will be installed. When this is done, click Cancel in the Printer Ports dialog.

11. Click OK on the HDT 47x2 Printer DEMO Properties dialog box.

12. Execute this registry file. With this procedure the printer driver is installed and set up. The steps for setting the Comm port to which the printer is connected are the following:

1. Open the Regedit utility.

2. Go to the key: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\IBM_SBCS_FINANCE_PRINTERS\PRINTER_1] and select the ComPort key. Enter the value of the Comm port to which the printer is connected. For example, if it is connected to the Comm port 1 then enter value of 1.
Rest of the keys are as follows:
Type - don't change this.
BaudRate - is the baud rate for the communication between the PC and the printer (default is 9600). This value must be identical to the one the printer is set to. So if your printer is adjusted to (for example) 4800 then you must enter here a value of 4800.
StopBits - must be always 2. So don't change it. CodePage - does not play significant role. You don't need to change this.