The basics of printer driver development

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HDT47x2 Printer Driver is a Windows 95/98/NT printer driver for IBM 4712, 4722 printer models and IBM printers that support 4722 emulation (models 4009, 9068, 9005, Jarfalla BP24, etc.), serial connected to the RS-232 PC port.

Windows 95/98 version:

Windows NT 4.0 version:

How to install on Windows 2000? Here is the procedure...

How to order the registered version?



Number of
purchased licenses

Price per license
1 - 50
51 - 100

Site license - $2,500

Source code - $10,000

(Both Windows 95/98 and Windows NT versions are included in one license.)

* The number of purchased licenses must be equal to the number of printers that the driver will be installed for.

Orders of 1 - 50 licenses can be processed on-line through the ShareIt software registration service. Registered versions are delivered through e-mail.

Orders of 51+ licenses, site license and source code can be processed by bank draft only.

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