HDT47x2 Printer Driver Registration



Ordering online:


If you would like to register and get the full version of the HDT47x2 Printer Driver,
you can enter the registration online on the Internet at

Alternatively, you can go to http://www.shareit.com and enter the program number there:

106973 - to register the driver


Ordering by phone:


If you like to register via phone please call ShareIt at:

ShareIt phone number for European customers: +49-221-2407279


ShareIt phone number for U.S. and Canadian customers: 1-800-903-4152

(Orders only please! If you need technical information about the program,
send your requests to support@halkyon.com.)


Ordering by fax or postal mail:

If you like to register via fax or postal mail, please print out the following form, and fax or mail it to:

element 5 AG
Sachsenring 69
50677 Koeln

Fax: +49-221-2407278
( Phone: +49-221-2407279
E-Mail:     register@shareit.com )

US check and cash orders can be sent to ShareIt's US office at:

ShareIt! Inc.
PO Box 844
Greensburg, PA 15601-0844

Fax. 724-850-8187
( Tel. 724-850-8186 )

Registration form for HDT47x2 Printer Driver

Program No.: enter the program number here depending on the version of the driver that you need

Last name: ___________________________________

First name: ____________________________________

Company: ____________________________________

Street and #: ______________________________________

City, State, postal code: ________________________________

Country: _______________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________

Fax: ________________________________________

E-Mail: ______________________________________

*** Please do not forget to include your e-mail address. ***
*** ShareIt will use e-mail to communicate with you. ***

How would you like to pay the registration fee:

credit card - wire transfer - EuroCheque - cash

Credit card information (if applicable)

Credit card: Visa - Eurocard/Mastercard - American Express - Diners Club

Card holder: ________________________________

Card No.: ___________________________________ Expiration Date: ________

Date / Signature: ___________________________